Monday, May 24, 2010

Absolutely Charming

My newest obsession is a store called Charming Charlie. My friend Katy introduced me to the one in Flowermound, Texas where I first began my love affair. Then, this past weekend Elizabeth, Carey and I found another Charming Charlie location in Southlake, and now my initial infatuation has become full blown love. Apparently the store began in Houston but now they have locations in many areas, check their website to see if they may have one near you, and if they do... jump in your car.

Seriously, how did I not know about this place?!?! They have clothes, purses, shoes, jewelry and gifts all arranged by color. It was like someone finally had an AH-HA moment and realized how much easier this would make my life (and every other girls I suppose) I don't think you can shop online but they do have the cutest little blog of the newest trends and helpful hints, you must look:

Monday, May 17, 2010

living vicariously through...

It's sad how much tv shows consume my life. My friends and I will have an entire conversation about a show, using the characters names as if they were real and were one of our friends. Really. Sad. They are just so darn interesting/ dramatic/ unrealistic, which is why I love them. For an hour or so, I can forget just how uninteresting/ boring my life is. My current obsession is Vampire Diaries. I know some people aren't into the whole Twilight-vampire phenomenon but, if you look at the two main characters on Vampire Diaries, I don't understand how you could not watch.
They are H-O-T.

See what I mean?