Monday, February 28, 2011

Good Dip

2 packages of cream cheese (you can use the regular, 1/3 fat, or fat free kind but the lower fat ones taste just the same....promise)

1 jar of picante sauce (use the mild, trust me on this one)

Slowly pour the picante into the cream cheese and stir. 


ANDDDDD you're done. 

Eat with tortilla chips. 


this makes me merry

Marry Me by Train

Can't. Stop. Listening. To. It.

Literally every time I hear it, my eyes start to water a lot a little bit...

Is this not the most beautiful thing you have ever heard?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Properly in love?

Watching Oprah one day, they played a clip of her being interviewed by Piers Morgan and he asked her, "how many times have you been properly in love?" and this really made me think.

Why didn't he ask her how many time she had been in love, but chose to add in the word properly?

So many times we think we are falling or have fallen in love with someone and later, after the relationship has long since died, we realize that maybe it wasn't love after all... or was it?

I think that what we consider to be love at one point, might just be love. But it doesn't mean that you were properly in love. 100%, all in the relationship, happy, content, crazy about the other person in love.

When I think back on my own relationships, every serious boyfriend I had I thought I was in love with. And maybe I with some of them. But none of them were anything compared to the kind of love I feel at this point in my life. And I'm sure they don't compare to the kind of love that I will feel for my husband. Being in love and being properly in love are two different things. Being properly in love, means even after that relationship is long gone, you still look back on it knowing how much you loved and cared for the other person, even time won't change that. 

And if you aren't properly in love, then it might just be a waste of your time.

Top Reasons To Join A Sorority

I hope this makes you guys laugh as much as it made me!


Monday, February 21, 2011

If only I looked like a VS model...

I would buy this and rock it like all the time. Actually no, let's be real.... if I looked like that I would walk around naked all of the time and rock it.

But, I don't. So apparently I need to get my badunkadunk into the gym. TODAY. Because until I do, I can only wear this:

Which I absolutely love. But still, I would love to look like that in a bikini as well. Let's see if I can make it to a work out class tonight. That is why I joined a gym after all.

Friday, February 18, 2011

i will forever love forever

Whyyyy is forever21 so flippin awesome? I can buy a shirt, 2 pairs of earrings and a necklace for less than $40 and I LOVE it. It's frustrating that I have to drive 20 minutes to get to one but if it was closer I would be there every day on my lunch break. Seriously. 

These are just some of my finds the other day...

Obsessed with this shirt. My bff bought it too and we have totally different body shapes so it must be one of those shirts that flatters everyone (we each had to get one because we wear different sizes which is so annoying because she is super stylish and has the BEST shoe collection evaaaa)

LOVE these, love turquoise, love summer.
After shopping on their website all morning I think I need to go again this weekend. But I mean, that groundhog said it's going to be spring and I obvi need some new spring clothes. That's a legit reason. right?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

wee bit wednesday

I always love Wee Bit Wednesdays, even on my busiest days they put me in a better mood! 
Join here

{one} what is your favorite breakfast food?
you are opening up a can of worms, my friend. 
breakfast is my all time favorite meal so i love it all. pancakes, french toast, quiche, 
biscuits and gravy, breakfast burritos, omelets, hash browns, cinnamon rolls.... 
would you like me to keep going? because i can.

{two} how many pairs of shoes do you currently own?
lordy, asking some very personal things, now aren't we? if i had to guess i would say 
40-50 maybe. this is including flip flops/sandals which i absolutely live in during summer time.

{three} city or country?
depends on the day. but on a beautiful day like today, i say country. i would love to go have a 
picnic in the middle of nowhere right. about. now.

{four} what is your favorite part of your job?
the members. i work at a country club and you really develop relationships with the members because you see most of them daily. i can't imagine being so close to my "clients" in many other job fields.

{five} what is your favorite junk food to snack on?
chips and good dip. i'll be posting the recipe for the dip later. it's super difficult and time consuming, let me tell you (enter sarcasm here).

{six} have you ever been mentioned in the newspaper?
when i joined my sorority they put all of our names in the college paper, i feel like that counts.

{seven} do you use post-it notes?
hah. do i? 

My desk at this very moment.

what do you think?

{eight} do you have freckles?
a few on my face that you really can't see unless its summer time, and a few on my arms/shoulders

{nine} is it okay for men to wear pink?
i really think it all depends on the outfit, color and man. a few can, most can't. it's just like women and midriff bearing tops. remember this ladies...a few can, most can't. (i fit in the most category, don't you worry.)

{ten} when was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?
highschool. i wrote a love letter to my now boyfriend. i bet he even still has it somewhere.

Monday, February 14, 2011

you are mine

"You are every reason, every hope, and every dream I've ever had, and no matter what happens to us in the future, every day we are together is the greatest day of my life. I will always be yours. And, my darling, you will always be mine." - The Notebook

Friday, February 11, 2011

mmm tequila

Everyone has things that they usually do with a group of friends, a routine, the reg....

Some people go shopping...
some do breakfast...
some go on vaca's...

but my friends drink margaritas

mmmm hello love <3

That's what we do. We all get together at some Mexican restaurant (tonight it will be Mex Joes, ohhh how I miss college) and drink entirely too many margaritas before we hit the bars.

In all honesty, tequila is one of my favorite things. It is up there with diet coke, red wine and the cw tv shows. I don't drink margs as much when I'm not with the whole group of girls because 1. I drink too much and 2. They are so so so many empty calories. But tonight I will forget about all of that and let loose because it is one of my bff's birthday party and we have to celebrate like we did when we were all still in college. Our poor bodies are going to be so mad at us tomorrow. 

Happy Birthday Bushy.... I  love you almost as much as I love margs.

So here's to the nights we'll never remember with the friends we'll never forget!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentines schmalentines

I've never been the craftiest of people and I've never been a huge Valentines Day fan


I am changing my ways.

BF and I are going to do a low-key V-day to ease my way into it, with no gifts, homemade dinner and a little romance. So I decided that I would make him a super cute card thanks to some great ideas from Miss K on how to be a crafty little girlfriend so this weekend, that's exactly what I'll be doing. 

Yes, I said that I didn't want any presents....seriously. 

But I would love some cupcakes

And a super sweet, romantic, love-y, hilarious card like this one:

Now-I'm not a love hater. I'm just not a big Valentine's person. It's never been good to me, but maybe this year will change things. Probably not though, seeing as how I'll be at work all night. I will tell you the one "romantic" thing that I will be making BF do on Vday is watching The Lost Valentine.
all photos via

My mom made me record it when it was on tv and I really didn't think it would be good but I was bored and watched it anyway and ohmygosh I cried the whole time. Such a good movie. And Betty White is in it, you can't beat that. Seriously though, watch it. Tell me what you think.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mmmm love me some Tacori

Woot! Just entered to win @Since1910 Win a $7500 Tacori Engagement Ring + 100 pieces of Tacori Jewelry Giveaway! 

I would just die if I actually won something, because I never win things like that. I always wonder about those people who win stuff... so freaking lucky. I'm more of a bad luck person. Like if I do something wrong, I get caught. Oh well, I entered anyway. I mean, look at this... how could you not?!?!?!

Wish me luck!!


Monday, February 7, 2011

the boys who have my heart

We found Bodee at the Humane Society this weekend and just had to have him. His personality is just so freaking adorable, I can't even begin to tell you!

Bodee and Buddy have really bonded. I can barely stand being at work and being away from these two! LOVE them!

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Ex Files - Part 4/Present Day

After calling off my wedding last January, I dated off and on, some really wonderful guys who taught me a lot about myself, what I wanted and didn't want in another person but I wasn't finding what I was looking for. In about August, 5 and I started speaking again. He asked me out multiple times but I was very unsure about getting myself back into a situation where I could potentially be hurt. Especially with him, because he has always been the one person that really had the ability to do that. After a few months of his unstoppable persistence, I said yes. We have been together since.

So for those of you who skim (or didn't read all of these long and probably boring stories)...


We often talk about what would have happened if I had just picked him in high school but I think every bit of it was worth it for where we are now. I am happier, more fulfilled, and more myself than I have ever been. It's funny how things work out. I never would have expected to be where I am right now, but my life couldn't be better. I can't wait to continue to see how my story unfolds...

5 BF and I - Jan 2011

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.” 
-Douglas Adams

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Ex Files - Part 3

B and I the night we met. August 2006.

I met B on my sorority Bid Day, the Saturday before I started college. By the time school started, we were already dating. He was charming, funny, sarcastic. Our first date was basically the two of us just being sarcastic assholes to each other. It was ridiculously fun. He was different than anyone I had ever met. He was always the life of the party and people loved him. Pretty soon, we were inseparable. During the first few months of our relationship, I started to get over my heartbreak from 5. I didn't speak to him at all and thought about him less and less, although never completely forgetting him. 
But that happy, new, exciting relationship didn't last long. B lied to me and cheated on me and I took him back. The crazy part of it was that I thought I had control of the relationship because I could make him work so hard to get back together with me, but really all of it was his manipulation of me. I've always been the kind of person who believes that people change, so I always wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. It was a roller coaster relationship, we thrived on the drama. I stayed in the relationship, but always with one foot out the door. My first Christmas break at home, I saw 5 and every single one of those feelings that I had ever had for him came rushing back. Even the highest "high" that I got from my relationship with B was nothing compared to just seeing 5. But I was not about to put myself through that again, so I returned to college with a new found determination to make my relationship with B work.

 B and I continued to date for about 2 more years and then in April of 2009, he proposed. I was thrilled when he asked me to marry him, and of course I said yes. Although, I had talked to 5 off and on throughout my relationship with B, I had tried to keep my distance. I told him when I got engaged to B, I thought he should hear it from me before it was  on facebook and all that. He was mad, hurt, and then closed off. Whatever sort of friendship that 5 and I had managed to maintain in those 3 1/2 years was destroyed the minute I told him that I was going to marry someone who wasn't him.
B's Proposal
The summer after B and I got engaged was rough. We were both living and working in Dallas but we rarely saw each other. Our relationship began to feel more like a business relationship than a loving one. I started to wonder if we were really in love with each other. Then I started to wonder if it was just cold feet. By the time December rolled around, I was so confused and stressed out that I could barely function. At the beginning of January I planned a trip with my friend Mallory to Kansas City. I needed a couple of days away from everything to really think on my relationship. The night before we left, I prayed about it and asked God just to give me peace of mind with whatever decision that I made, I was crying and praying all night. 
The next day, as Mal and I were driving we were talking about B and the many many times that he lied to me in the past. Once we started to question some of the things that he had been telling me, we found out that nothing had changed. He had been lying to me about these huge things that we were planning our lives around. My entire life with him seemed to be completely made up. To this day his parents don't know, his friends don't know. They all think I'm this terrible person who got mad at him for one thing and called off our wedding without hearing his side of the story, which isn't the case. I realized that I had cold feet because I was about to marry someone that I didn't even know. Thank the Lord, I had the sense to pray about it and God gave me my answers, and with that, peace of mind. I never once questioned my decision. And it wasn't easy. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, because I did love him. But he wasn't The One.

Snow DayZzZzZz

Yes, that's right. I am telling you that for the past two days, I have used my snow days to catch up on sleep. A whole heck of a lot of sleep!

I have been ridiculously lazy. The only productive thing I've done is shower, if that counts as productive. BUT I did eat a great deal of food. Now, this isn't exactly a positive thing, but oh how I enjoyed it. I feel like I had a mini-vacation.

Banana Pancakes

PB & J (and bananas...delish!)

Snow Ice Cream

Snow Man cups for Snow Ice Cream!

Dinner made by my fab roomie Mal

That was all in one day. Don't judge. I hope you all enjoyed your snow days as much as we did!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wee Bit Wednesday

Join here

{one} what was your favorite sitcom growing up?
boy meets world & full house. i was so obsessed with MK & Ashley!

{two} what song always makes you happy when you hear it?
"if you wanna be my lover" by the spice girls. duh. isn't it everyones??

{three} do you still have your wisdom teeth?
no, i had them taken out right before i started college and it was terrible being stuck in bed when it was summer, so if i had to do it again, i would do it in the winter. fo sho.

{four} what is your go to way to relax?
a bottle, i mean glass of wine, a hot bath, a massage or laughing uncontrollably with my friends. those 4 things can make any day better.

{five} do you play any instruments?
oh i play a meannn hot crossed buns on the recorder, but that's about it.

{six} nude beaches: yes or no?
no, for so so so many reasons.

{seven} do you chew your pens/pencils?
no not really

{eight} can you change the oil in your car?
i wouldn't even know how to go about that. sad huh?

{nine} can you curl your tongue?
yeahhh girl

{ten} can you knit or crochet?
no but i would like to take up knitting if i ever had free time. 

after being stuck in the house for 48 hours, we braved the roads to go to taco bell. i don't care what anyone says about their meat. it was delicious!