Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Properly in love?

Watching Oprah one day, they played a clip of her being interviewed by Piers Morgan and he asked her, "how many times have you been properly in love?" and this really made me think.

Why didn't he ask her how many time she had been in love, but chose to add in the word properly?

So many times we think we are falling or have fallen in love with someone and later, after the relationship has long since died, we realize that maybe it wasn't love after all... or was it?

I think that what we consider to be love at one point, might just be love. But it doesn't mean that you were properly in love. 100%, all in the relationship, happy, content, crazy about the other person in love.

When I think back on my own relationships, every serious boyfriend I had I thought I was in love with. And maybe I with some of them. But none of them were anything compared to the kind of love I feel at this point in my life. And I'm sure they don't compare to the kind of love that I will feel for my husband. Being in love and being properly in love are two different things. Being properly in love, means even after that relationship is long gone, you still look back on it knowing how much you loved and cared for the other person, even time won't change that. 

And if you aren't properly in love, then it might just be a waste of your time.


  1. Love this...my bff and I were just having a similar discussion about this earlier this week. She asked me how many times I had been in love, and I answered...just once. I though I was "in love" many times, but it was more of just an infatuation.

    Great post!