Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Falling in love...

With the idea of fall actually. I cannot wait for the season to get here (and in my opinion, it should start today, the first of September) for so many reasons:

-OSU football games/tailgating with my favorite people

-this outfit

-this beautiful Tory Burch Carson Satchel

-riding bikes and having a picnic in the park with a boy who looks and acts just like john krasinski (hey, a girl can dream)

-The Great State Fair of Oklahoma!
September 16-26, 2010. I will eat everything in sight. Ride a few too many rides. And hopefully win (or buy) a stuffed animal.


  1. That picture of you all at the game makes me so excited to get back to Stillwater this weekend! I'm excited for football season!

    Oh...and could you get 2 of those satchels and send one my way! HAHA!!! I love that thing! :)

  2. I second what Lacey said. I WANT that bag!!

  3. I like fall :)
    Hope to see you soon!!
    Enjoy these beautiful days and moments...