Wednesday, January 13, 2010

sorority life

When you hear the word sorority, most people generally think of a group of dumb blonde girls who party too much and laugh too loud. Being that I am in a sorority you might think that I would be dispelling this rumor but I have to admit that every once in awhile my friends and I are that typical sorority girl. But the rest of the time we aren't. My "sisters" are beautiful, intelligent, driven, and kind. It is the strangest thing to think that 3 1/2 years ago, I didn't know these people at all (minus a few) and now I truly cannot imagine living without them. The bond that is created there is something that I can't even believe myself, as corny as that sounds. Although some of the girls are very different from you, you do all have something that ties you together. I have been going through a lot this past week, and I got a card in the mail today from one of my sorority sisters. One who isn't in my group of close friends, she isn't even in my pledge class. But this card was the nicest thing that almost anyone has said to me and it made me cry...the fact that this person really cares about me, just like a sister and would take the time out of her day to tell me that I mean something to her... well let's just say that it completely made my day. So if you hear someone say that sororities are more than just the parties and the good times, you may just think about believing them.

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  1. SO true! My best friends today are several of my sorority sisters and we have been out of college for two, almost 3, years.