Wednesday, April 21, 2010

age is just a number

A few days ago I turned 22. And that probably doesn't sound old to any of you. I'm sure it sounds young actually, but I was dreading turning 22. It's just that, your whole life you look forward to turning 15 and getting your driving permit, then 16 and getting your license, turning 18 and going away to college, turning 21 and being able to drink (legally at least), and then what? What actual birthday after 21 is some exciting age that you just can't wait to get to? NADA. So no, I wasn't looking forward to this birthday, especially since my 21st year as a whole hadn't been too great to me. But then I realized that as un-exciting as it may seem, 22 could be a very very good thing. It's a whole new year with no expectations (which in my opinion, almost always lead to let downs). Last year I had all of these preconceived notions about the year... being able to drink, my internship in Dallas, planning my wedding, graduating, moving, getting a big girl job, etc... and not one of those things turned out the way that I expected them to. Obviously, seeing as how I am still living in the same place, job-less and single. From the day I turned 21 to the day I turned 22, my life has done a complete 180. I don't even know what to expect to happen tomorrow, much less a year from now. So, here's to being 22, may I start this year with only one wish... to make the most of it!


  1. Good Luck this coming year! 22 was a hard year for me! I was so confused and didn't know at all what I wanted. I had high expectations, and things didn't really turn out like I expected, but it gets better! Just hang in there!!!

  2. I feel you on the 22 notion. But here's to not seeing the birthdays as numbers and getting older... but to a celebration of making it another year being YOU!! :) Hang in there girl! There are bright things in your future... no expectations means more room for surprises!! :D