Tuesday, April 27, 2010

thank you.

This is for my friends. You know who you are.

Thank you for the last four years. Thank you for accepting that Bid Card that came to you on August 12, 2006. Thank you for going to the pledge and all house retreats, firesides, Formals, chapters, date parties, etc... Thank you for making every recruitment fun. Thank you for being there for each other through every new boyfriend and every break-up. Thank you for car parties. Thank you for keeping secrets. Thank you for being funny. Thank for you Mexico Joe's. Thank you for for the fights, because they have made each of us better friends. Thank you for the game days. Thank you for the movie nights. Thank you for the wine nights. Thank you for being there for each other through everything that was so tough we couldn't handle it ourselves, every terrible family problem, loss of a family member, broken heart. Thank you for making sure that we all know that we have someone who wants us to get out of bed in the morning when we weren't sure that we could. Thank you for keeping Brown's in business. Thank you for senior night last fall and this spring. Thank you for hating whoever your friends hate. Thank you for accepting who your friends love. Thank you for making a sorority house a home. Thank you for being so damn silly. Thank you for limey races at the Penny, flip cup... anywhere really, karaoke at Willy's, the ledge at Murphy's, and every single night at Dirty's. Thank you for standing up for each other no matter what. Thank you for calling each other out. Thank you for the advice, whether it was taken or not. Thank you for dancing in public. Thank you for Bagel Cafe. Thank you for being huge creepers. Thank you for being supportive. Thank you for not killing each other. Thank you for Miley Cyrus. Thank you for all being so different. Thank you for the one thing that brought us together. Thank you for the group. Thank you for Senior year. Thank you for being there.

They say your friends make your world, and in the last four years, you all have made my entire life. Thank you for the memories, and for all the ones to come. I love you.


  1. This is so sweet! You all were a great pledge class! My little freshies are all grown up now!

  2. You are too sweet!! I am so glad you made the Sorority House a home, and have wonderful memories from your years at OSU.

  3. Just found your blog off another blog. We were in Kappa Beta Gamma at my school and def. know what you mean. It is a indescribable experience and one of the best things we have every done. Glad you had such a great time too!
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