Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blessed beyond belief.

Work, friends, family, life... all of it has been crazy busy lately. Which leaves little time for blogging. Or I have entirely too much to say and don't know how to narrow it all down. BUT, my birthday was Wednesday, my birthday party was Friday and it was a wonderful birthday week.

It reminds me how lucky I am to have such wonderful people in my life.

my mom

They made my office smell SO good. I want flowers every day.

So cute right??

He knows how much I love getting cards apparently...

An OU cake... because I went to OSU and it's our rival. I swear they like me at work.

BF and BFF got me maybe the best present that I've ever gotten. A Margaritaville margarita maker. I have wanted one forever and never asked for it, just because it's so dang expensive but definitely worth it. And yes, we've already used it! 

My mom got me the grill that I've been wanting and my grandmother got me lots of dresses (that I have to return because they look like her, not me).

My brother got me the Daisy perfume that I've been wanting and I LOVE it. It smells so so so good. Now my bff wants it too, copycat.

I took the day off on Friday and went with the BF's mom to get massages and whatnot. Her birthday is the day after mine so we decided to have a relaxing day before we went out Friday night. About this time is when I decided that I must marry rich so I can get massages daily and not have to work. Great plan, huh?

Friday night we went to a restaurant/bar called Bricktown Brewery and had dinner with a group of about 50. This included my very best friends, BF's parents & their friends, along with BF's best friend (whose bday was the 23rd) and some of their friends. After that, we went to the Piano Bar which is just my favorite place to go! It's always such a good time.

All and all, this birthday was the best that I've had in years! I got to see so many people that I love and haven't seen in awhile and spend time with so many people who are important to me! It truly reminded me how blessed I am.


  1. What an amazing birthday weekend! If I could afford a bouquet of fresh flowers every week, I would. They just brighten things up!

  2. That massage plan is the best plan ever! Also, I have one of those margarita makers and I am obsessed. You should try making blueberry margaritas with it. We usually put the fruit right in the blender part (if you put it in the top it gets all stuck inside...we learned that the hard way! haha).