Thursday, April 28, 2011

close to my heart

I haven't been a very good little blogger lately but like I said in my last post, a lot has been going on. A few things that I wasn't ready to share yet, but now I am because I know now that everything is okay.

Before I was born my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a double mastectomy and has been a cancer survivor since. She was 35 when she was diagnosed, 36 when she was cleared, 37 when she got pregnant with me and 38 when I was born. Due to this fact, I have spent a majority of my life having doctors tell me how high my chances are and how I need to start getting mammograms in my mid-20's. 

Recently, I switched to a new doctor who suggested that I get my first mammogram done now so they can have my records and when I begin to get them yearly they will be able to tell more easily if things ever change with my body. So I went to get my first mammogram just about two weeks ago and it came back unusual. This was probably the scariest thing that I've ever even gone through. They scheduled me for an ultrasound and another mammogram which also came back unusual but after my second opinion I am waiting another month for another ultrasound but doctor #2 thinks I am just fine. All the while that I'm dealing with this, my mom finds a spot on her breast. After doing a mammogram and an MRI on her, they found that her implants had ruptured and that's great news because that's fixable and she's still cancer free (although, it still sucks that she has to get those re-done but much better than the alternative)!

We also have been talking to many doctors about the genetic testing process and found out that although it probably isn't smart for me to get the test done (due to insurance policies), it would be okay for my mom to get it done. If she doesn't have the cancer gene (BRCA) then I don't have it either and my chances of getting breast cancer are just like everyone else's. She had the test done last Monday and we found out yesterday that she has no mutations! I can't even tell you how much all of this has been weighing heavy on my mind and heart the last few weeks, and knowing that both her & I are okay and also that I don't have the gene makes me feel unbelievably relieved!  I just continue to thank the Lord every day for blessing both my mom & I so much. I want all of you to know if you don't already how very important it is to check yourself regularly and pay close attention to your body! But that's all the preaching you'll get from me today.

I hope all of you have a WONDERFUL weekend, I will be in Phoenix, AZ for a sorority sister's wedding and don't you worry, I'll post tons of pics when I get back!!


  1. I'm glad to hear that it wasn't cancer that they found for your mom. Although I can imagine that a burst implant isn't too much fun, either. Hope everything comes back okay with yours! I'll keep you in my prayers.

  2. I'm going through the same thing - completely understand your worry! Glad youre OK!

  3. This is wonderful news... I'm sorry you've been dealing with this scary stuff but thankful you and momma are okay! Praying for you guys that this good news continues! Love you girl!