Sunday, April 17, 2011

dirt road on repeat

Last weekend we went to the lake and it was a fun, relaxing weekend with some of my favorite people. We got some sun, slept a little and ate a lot... it was wonderful. I forgot how nice it was to be normal like everyone else and get away from work for a whole weekend.
definitely needed that.  

My new obsession is Jason Aldean's song Dirt Road Anthem and I'm just going to be completely honest with you guys (don't tell BF) but I created a playlist with like 20 songs and put this song on it multiple times. He kept asking why that song was playing so much... damn shuffle is messing up I guess. HAH.

It's just SOOOO good, right?

We spent a good deal of time out on the boat because the weather was just so nice! Yet, the only pictures that I have from this weekend are of the dogs. Typical.

Buddy, being his lazy self.

Bodee spending time with his dad.

Sweet babies playing

Last Monday was my dad's birthday, or would have been... however you say it. BF reminded me how to celebrate instead of being sad by sending me cupcakes for my dad's birthday. He has absolutely no idea how sweet this was, and it completely changed the mood of the day. 

They got a little messed up on the way to my office but man, they were delish!

And no- I didn't eat them all. I shared. Promise : )


  1. That was very sweet of your boyfriend!

    I love Dirt Road Anthem too.

  2. The cupcakes were such a sweet gesture. He sounds like a keeper.

  3. Bday Twin! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!