Monday, January 24, 2011

The Ex Files - Part 1

I'm at a point where I realized that my love life is literally the absolute best that it has ever been. Ever. This was a really big realization for me, because just a little more than a year ago I was engaged to someone who was obviously not The One. The more I think about it, it's really so funny how things turn out. So I decided to go back through some of relationships in my life to show you just what I mean when I say funny. This is is the first in a series that will include 3 important relationships in my life that have seriously shaped me and have led me to where I am now. 
BOY #1......
5- We're going to call this boy 5, because that was his high school football number... I was a football manager so I really relate people to their numbers, but that's beside the point. 5 and I met in December of 2000. Our church did Christmas caroling at nursing homes every Christmas, and my mom and I went as usual. 5 wouldn't stop staring at me, but not in a creepy stalker way... He was a grade younger than me so I was not about to go out with him. Anyway, he was one persistent son of a ..... And the thing is, I like people who go after what they want. So when he started asking me to be his girlfriend over and over and over, every time I said no, but finally, in April, I told him yes, just so he would leave me alone. I planned on breaking up with him in a week, which turned into five months. To make a long story short,  his mom thought that he was too serious about me for our age and they weren't speaking because of it so I broke up with him. He wasn't thrilled, but the reason that this is significant to me is because he was the first boy, and maybe the only one that I ever truly cared about more than I cared about myself. I wanted what was best for him, and I've learned a lot from that.  

5 and I in 2003


  1. I can't wait to read more, I love that you are so happy right now! You are too precious!

  2. Awwh this is such a cute story! :)