Tuesday, August 30, 2011

the lake house

Still a little bit in shock... but, drum roll please, I bought a lake house.


I got a great deal on it, it's a trailer at lake in Oklahoma. It's right next door to some of our best family friends. I'm going to post pictures but please, don't judge. It is definitely a fixer upper (hence the great deal) and we are pumped to do the work ourselves.

The main things that we are changing first: outside paint color, new carpet in the living room and hallway, paint in the whole dang place, getting rid of the bazillion sheets, towels, etc... that this family left. We spent the majority of the last weekend working on it so I have a lot of before pictures (I'm not showing you all of them until I get more work done) and some "in the process" pictures. Enjoy!

Guest Bathroom before....

Guest Bathroom during the painting process...

HORRIBLE living room before. I know, I know.

Living Room in the process. It's not near as dark as it looks, it's very much a sand color.  We're also putting up bead board, which I love. Don't worry, the carpet is going too. Laminate wood will be there in 3 weeks!

Outside... needs a really good power washing, new paint (tan), shutters (black), new larger deck (Z will enjoy this project).

if you have any decorating tips, at all... send them my way!


  1. Did you seriously just say don't judge?! You bought a lakehouse!! I am so impressed! Way cool.

  2. Wow! Fancy shmancy! I would love a lake house :)

  3. fun!! I've always wanted to do fixeruppering :) I think once you're done it will be amazing.
    As for decorating tips - stay away from super trendy that way you dont have to redecorate as often or check out the blog younghouselove - you might get some great ideas/inspirations from there

  4. Ooo I want a lake house sooo badly!! I bet it will turn out wonderful. I wish I was a better interior designer like my step-mother. But good luck :)

    Love your cute, happy blog!!


  5. How exciting!!! :) Girl you are so blessed!!! I would love to come see it sometime!! Maybe I can come out and help paint or something in the cooler months!! :) Happy decorating and of course happy "lake-ing"!!!

  6. Congratulations!! That is very exciting! I can't wait to see all the updates.

  7. That is so exciting! Looking forward to seeing the finished product.