Monday, August 15, 2011

suck it up

When I got my sweet baby Bodee, he didn't shed at all. Now, 6 months later the dog is like a walking ball of hair. And it's everywhere. The vacuum that we had was my mom's old vacuum because I didn't really want to spend $200 on a pet hair vacuum. BUT my mom got a coupon for Kohl's in the mail for 20% and the vacuums were on sale so I got this for $60 off!!

Can't tell you how much I love it!

Super pumped about it! I know it seems trivial, but it's a big deal for me for two reasons: 1. my roomie is a tad allergic to dog hair and 2. I hate dog hair on my clothes. But who doesn't?!?!

First time I used it, it was a miracle worker. Oh how I love getting a good product at a discount... it really is the little things! I have a picture of what all it picked up in my bedroom... mind you, it's pretty gross. I swear I vacuum weekly so that shows you just how good this vacuum is!! It's a Bissel Pet Hair vacuum so for anyone who is looking, this one is an A++!!
Gross, I know. But at least I know it works!


  1. We have this vacuum!! I agree it performs miracles!! :D Happy Pet Cleaning!

  2. This is disgusting, but I really like vacuuming, so I'm actually very proud. - Alyssa