Friday, August 12, 2011

now playing

I know that some of these aren't like brand new songs but these are what I've been keeping on repeat:

Crazy Girl

God Gave Me You (Blake Shelton or the original by Dave Barnes)

Country Girl (Shake it for me)

Remind Me


Ferris Wheel (it wouldn't let me embed this one but check it out... he's super cute too!)

Rain is a Good Thing

Apparently I've been in a real country mood lately! What have you guys been listening to??


  1. I love all of these!! Great picks.

  2. Came across your blog while on Pinkloulous and I love it!! It's so cute and I just followed
    And I loove all these songs but lately I've been listening to Luke Byrans "drunk on you" for like every minute of the day!

  3. i love your song choices esp brad paisley! You should stop by my blog and enter my Bobbie Brown eye shadow compact Giveaway! It ends Tuesday :)