Tuesday, August 23, 2011


BF and I are taking our very first trip together in October... 44 days to be exact. I'm excited/anxious/nervous! We're going to Mexico and I speak absolutely no Spanish, and he actually speaks a little bit but only enough to get us beer, food, tequila, bathrooms and to a library.... just in case.

I'm so ready for this vacation because I haven't taken a real vacation since March of 2010, before I started my job. So I am in desperate need of some time away from work with no phone (well, that's what I'm telling work), no internet access (again....) and no alarm clock (but seriously). 

I've already been buying things up for this trip, like oh, two months ago. 

New swimsuit from Target, also the cutest fedora from there. I never thought I could pull off the whole fedora thing but apparently I can and you will all see when I get back from Mexico and post pics.

We are staying at the Dreams Resort, which looks absolutely beautiful... here are some pictures that I borrowed from their website.


One of the dining rooms

Room... in love with these tubs!
We got an awesome deal on it through Priceline, so keep your fingers crossed that it all works out well.

I also have some big news at the end of the week so stayed tuned. And no- not engaged, not preggo.  : )


  1. Aw, i love vacations!! Mexico is such a fun one!! Can't wait to hear the news!!

  2. Don't worry about speaking Spanish, everyone at the resort will speak English. If it is all inclusive, be prepared for major awesomness and also some extra lbs haha

  3. I am so jealous!! Please have a glorious time for me!! :D

    and what's the big news!?!